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Reducing Waste

We work with local produce suppliers to recover surplus fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste due to various reasons including: shorter shelf life, cosmetic blemishes, incorrect labeling, overstock, and false expiration dates. The rescued food is distributed among partners and the Food Shift Kitchen, where the cooking begins for our catering program.

Creating Jobs

The apprentices enrolled in the Culinary Job Training program learn how to properly cook and process the recovered food, while earning a livable wage and gaining valuable life skills. Apprentices are also welcome to “shop” the recovered produce, gaining access to food they can practice cooking at home.

Nourishing Communities

We provide delicious, nutritious meals to both our catering clients and community partners working to provide for those facing food insecurity. Read on for a taste of our seasonal menus!

Sample Menus

Food Shift Catering remains plant-based and vegetarian with optional vegan and gluten-free accommodations. The ever-changing menus are inspired by seasonal availability and high-quality recovered produce that comes in each week. Check out our sample menus below:

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Food Shift caters various events, though consistent weekly clients provide dependable regularity. Regularity helps the team plan for consistent revenues, recovered food amounts, scheduling, and job availability for apprentices and program graduates. 

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